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3.74 kWp System on a south facing roof using 22 X Schott 170 polycrystilline panels with a mastervolt XS4300 inverter.
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Mastervolt Soladin 600
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Mastervolt Soladin 600

The sun as power station

Solar technology enables us to use renewable power sources such as the sun to an increasing extent. With the development of the Soladin 600, Mastervolt has made it possible for smaller solar installations, consisting of just a few panels, to contribute to a durable energy provision.

Working principle of the Soladin 600

The most important functionality of the Soladin is converting direct current, generated by the solar panels, into a standard 230 V/50 Hz electric power. The Soladin uses the electricity grid as an energy reservoir to which generated energy is sold back. In case the electricity provision is cut off, the Soladin 600 will automatically shut down.

‘Plug & play’

The Soladin 600 converter is very compact and equipped with easily accessible 230 V and DC connections. Multi-contact connections have been included for the positive and negative connection of the PV array. The plug can be connected to a socket connection and makes the system ready to use. A clear LED indication gives information about the energy produced, the status of the system, and the Soladin converter.

Dynamic MPP tracker

Solar panels have a certain voltage at which they supply maximum energy: the so-called ‘maximum power point’ (MPP). This point varies in any make and kind of panel, and is determined by a combination of voltage, current, irradiation and temperature. The Soladin 600 is equipped with a dynamic MPP tracker, which makes it possible to reach > 99% MPP output under virtually any circumstances. The Soladin 600 therefore does not have any restrictions with regards to connecting any kind of solar panel (silicum, amorf, etc.) and always provides


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